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Mommy and Me Mini Session

A Mommy and Me Mini Session is a delightful photo session that focuses on the special bond between a mother and her child. These sessions are perfect for capturing those cherished moments when moms are often the ones behind the camera, snapping photos of their precious little ones. Whether your child is still a baby or has grown up, the connection between a mother and her child remains unique and heartwarming.

Here’s what you can expect from a Mommy and Me Mini Session:

  1. Duration: These sessions are usually short and sweet, typically lasting around 15 minutes.

  2. Setting: We will be outdoors so dress accordingly and weather dependent! Even if there is rain, we will make some special memories!

  3. Price: $50 retainer fee (holds your spot). $50 due prior to receiving your photos. 

  4. Photography Style: Instead of heavily posed shots, the focus is on capturing genuine moments. You’ll have hugs, snuggles, tickles, and all things sweet. The goal is to create authentic, heartfelt images that reflect your unique relationship.

  5. Generations: While Mommy and Me sessions primarily feature the mother and her child, they can also include generations. Whether it’s just you and your little one or a session with your own mom, these mini sessions celebrate the love that transcends age.

You will receive 5 custom edited high-resolution images for digital download with the option to purchase others from the gallery.

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